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Our aim is to introduce the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT – learn more here) to young people through visual metaphors.  We believe ACT provides us all with an opportunity for getting on with what matters, no matter what.  Our two books teach effective ACT techniques in an easily accessible graphic novel format, allowing complex ideas to be explained and reinforced pictorially.


On this site you will find a range of free downloadable Resources for young people, their parents and carers, and therapists, as well as information about our Books.


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I Just Get So...ANGRY!

Dealing With Anger


Andy is feeling angry.

He is struggling to deal with his feelings. Everyone seems determined to just make him more and more angry. His father has left him, he is fighting with his mother, and he isn’t sure if he can trust his girlfriend.


Everything sucks. His anger feels like a powerful Beast, controlling what he does and doing damage to all his relationships.


But hope is at hand…





I Just Want To Be...Me!

ijustwanttobemeBuilding Resilience in Young People


Holly isn’t happy.

She is struggling to feel better, but things seem bad at home and at school. Her parents don’t seem to understand, she fears her friends don’t really like her, and she feels all alone.


Everything is looking pretty grey.
Her feelings and thoughts are like a gang of monsters that stop her getting anywhere in life, leaving her drifting, heading nowhere.


But hope is at hand…


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