Action and Committment Therapy (ACT)


Getting on with what matters, no matter what!


This therapy style is called “ACT” for short, because it is all about getting unstuck and taking action, and thereby creating a life worth living. 


ACT focusses on helping people work out what matters most in life, while at the same time teaching effective ways of dealing with all the stuff that normally gets in our way, such as our negative thoughts, unpleasant sensations, and strong urges.


It is all about choosing the path we want to follow, and learning how to get better at sticking to it, rather than cruising on autopilot, or being driven by those unhelpful thoughts, sensations and urges to behave in ways that take us away from the life we want.


In ACT, we accept that a normal human life is going to involve some pain. All of us, no matter how tough or brave or good looking or rich, will face loss, anger and other emotional pain at different points of our life. But by living by our values, by focussing on choosing to take actions in line with who we want to be, we can build lives worth living.



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