About the Authors


bowdensTimothy Bowden (Postgrad Dip Psych, BA Dip Ed) taught English and History in high schools for 14 years before retraining as a school counsellor. He is now a registered psychologist and in his tenth year of counselling, and has never experienced a more exciting form of therapy than ACT.


Timothy chooses to live by his values by writing novels (all unpublished!) and learning martial arts (providing plenty of scope for acceptance and commitment).


Sandra Bowden (M.Ed-Counselling Psychology, BA, Grad.Dip.Psych) taught in Primary schools for 13 years before retraining as a school counsellor, her vocation for the past 13 years. A registered psychologist, she has found that ACT strategies resonate with young people and adolescents, encouraging her to create kid-friendly resources using ACT processes. A self-taught artist, Sandra has created the artwork for these books.


Sandra is also partner in a private counselling practice, Inside Out Psychology in Thornleigh, Sydney. She can be contacted on 9875 5291/ 0413 996 839.


After reading “The Happiness Trap” by Russ Harris and a range of other ACT texts, Tim and Sandra went on to complete Russ’ e-course from his website (, as well as his introductory and advanced ACT courses.


They have also trained with Kelly Wilson, Louise Hayes and Joe Ciarrochi. They are regular attendees at both national and international ACT conferences (presenting on using visual metaphors with young people in Adelaide in 2010, Washington DC in 2012 and in Sydney in 2013).


Tim and Sandra both apply ACT principles when counselling young people in primary and secondary schools, and in their own lives every day.

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