I Just Want To Be...ME!


IJWTBM-CoverBuilding Resilience in Young People

Holly isn’t happy.


She is struggling to feel better, but things seem bad at home and at school. Her parents don’t seem to understand, she fears her friends don’t really like her, and she feels all alone.


Everything is looking pretty grey.


Her feelings and thoughts are like a gang of monsters that stop her getting anywhere in life, leaving her drifting, heading nowhere.


But hope is at hand…


When Holly is transported to another world, help arrives in the form of a wise seagull, who just might have some ideas for her. Maybe she can learn to give up the struggle to feel happy, and, in getting on with living her life, find the richness and meaning that comes from just being…herself.


I Just Want To Be…Me! is a self-help book for young people which introduces the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in a graphic novel format. It is an ACT-based story to help young people get on with what matters, no matter what!gull
By following Holly’s adventures, young people can learn how to apply some powerful ACT techniques in their own lives.


See Resources for free activities to use with the book.

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